Internationale Straßentheaterfestival tête-à-tête

Good to know
Come closer! Come…

… to the grass that means the world!

Ambitious and spectacular theater can be found not only on stage, but on the grass, on the pavement and in the hidden corners of the city. This is street theater! Street theater focuses on direct contact with the audience, spontaneity and immediacy. This is why most of the shows very purposefully remain grounded.

… with open hearts and open minds!

Get ready for quirky forms and grotesque objects. Celebrate the open culture and keep an open mind for the different, the unknown and the absurd. Huddle up for your own tête-à-tête and enjoy a respectful, colorful experience together.

… with a thirst for knowledge!

If you thirst for knowledge about artists, showtimes, etc., you can find programs and information at the info stands around the marketplace.

… on board!

If you love tête-à-tête and just can’t get enough and want to take a peek behind the curtain, then become a part of the festival as a volunteer. As a member of the development association, you will also actively provide long-term support for the festival.