Dear artists, partners and friends of tête-à-tête festival 2020,

with heavy heart we have to inform you, that yesterday the federal state of Baden-Württemberg has released a general order which forbids all kind of public events until June 15th 2020 because of the corona crisis, which obliged the city of Rastatt to cancel this years tête-à-tête festival.

Facing the actual crisis the past week we were busy to find solutions to still keep on working on the festival in the hope that it can still take place in June - in the hope the crisis has cooled down by then. But with this new legal situation we have no other choice than to except the general order and the cancellation by the city of Rastatt as the legal organiser of the festival.

We as the artistic directors of the festival are very disappointed and disconsolate as we were hoping to have a wonderful festival with all of you this year - but facing the growth and the dimension of this virus worldwide we all have to accept that strange and unexpected situation that we find ourselves in to flatten the curve.

As we want to stay optimistic for a time after the crisis, we will look at alternative plans to still bring hope and joy in the form of a world-class art festival to Rastatt, because we believe that it will be needed more than ever after the crisis. We hope for your understanding, that at this moment in time we can not offer any definite alternative by now, but we are working on it with the city of Rastatt and keep you updated.

With warm regards
Christina Hernold, Julia von Wild
and Kathrin Bahr